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  • Master:

    "Yeah?" Is that the way you reply to me, pet? *pulling my hair*

  • Me:

    N-no, Sir.

  • Master:

    I'll try again. Do you enjoy watching my wife fuck your girlfriend senseless?

  • Me:

    Yes, Sir. Will you fuck me, too, please?

  • Master:

    *turns vibrator on my clit up* No. You get to watch us. No cumming.


Voir les anges

This is the new art exhibit which has stirred up a lot of attention for the gallery. Patrons can only watch this art instillation from behind a one way mirror while she sits restrained on the other side. There is much to admire about this astounding display of female pleasure, though the sense of interactivity also generates much delight for the visitors. The instillation, entitled ‘voir les anges’ allows patrons to not only freely observe the artistry of female pleasure, but also contribute using a switch that controls the intensity of the vibrator which constantly stimulates her.

This truly innovative piece not only captures the raw sensuality of femininity, it also explores the desires of those that observe it, exploring our nature to grant as well as deny pleasure; restrained within the soundproofed room, this exhibit remains at the whim and mercy of human desire. 

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source: Hegre-art


Anonymous asked:


Today, I have a guest host. Kitten, take it away…

well it’s finicky MOSTLY because it’s advertised to be for harnesses, yet, the third button-strap thing can’t fit on it because it has huge ass balls attached to it. which, as you might assume, can make it reasonably harder for Master to fuck me properly when her dick is flying everywhere. It’s fun to ride, but hard to keep in place because of that third button not securing it. 

also Master says it’s finicky because it doesn’t fit her tight ass special vagina, but honestly i think she’s the one being finicky because i can fit it in all the way in any which way so hmph.

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